Tuesday, September 11, 2018

台風21号がいかに凄かったかカフェに来られる皆さん異口同音におっしゃっています。大きな木が根こそぎ倒れたり、ガラスが割れたり、農家のビニールハウスが飛ばされたり等々。そんな中、台風前に我が家の庭で巣を張っていたコガネグモを思い出して、あの強風でカレはどうなっただろうと行ってみると、何とそのまま巣を張って残っていました。下に2方向にあった隠れ帯のうち右のはなくなっていたので恐らく風で切れてしまったのだろうと思いましたが、それにしてもあの嵐に耐え抜くクモの糸の強さに驚嘆します。さらに今朝は、なくなっていた右の隠れ帯が復活しているではありませんか。直径1メートルはある大きなクモの巣の真ん中に恐ろしいほどの大グモが陣取っています。写真を撮っている間も風にゆらゆら揺れているコガネグモとその巣。人間は力強いのか弱いのか考えてしまいます。People in the cafe are all talking about how strong the typhoon #21 was. Big trees have fallen in the storm, window glasses were broken, plastic greenhouses were blown by the wind, etc. I remembered that there was an Argiope spider with his web in my garden just before the typhoon and I went to see what had happened to it after the storm yesterday. Surprisingly it was still there with the web! The right stabilimentum disappeared after the storm, but I was amazed by the strength of the spider silk. This morning I could see the right stabilimentum again which he made overnight. The spider is really big which makes me scared. It stays in the center of the web which is about one meter in diameter. The spider and his web were shaking while I was taking photos. Looking at this scene, I wonder whether human being is strong or weak compared to this spider.