Wednesday, January 31, 2018


ラジオで1月31日は皆既月食が見られるとの情報があったので夜、8時半ごろ月の位置を確かめようと表に出てみました。すると、どうでしょう。大きな満月が東の空に輝いていました。お天気がどうも…と半ば諦めていただけに「やったー!」と子供のようにはしゃいだ気分になりました。二階の東側の大きな窓から月食の観察。9時を過ぎたあたりで暗雲が流れてきては月を曇らせてまた顔を出し、どうなることかと心配しましたが、9時20分ごろからは再びはっきりと月が欠けていくのが見えました。9時40分ごろには右斜め上(時計の長身が10分を指すあたり)にかすかに見えていた黄色い光がやがて黒い膜で覆われてしまいました。皆既月食です。満月が地球の影に隠れるという天体の貴重な現象。削られていく月を見ながら様々な想いと願いをはるか天空にかけました。Since I got the information from the radio that it is the day of Super Blue Blood Moon tonight, I went outside to check the position of the moon at around 8:30 pm, although I didn't have much expectation to be able to see the moon because of unstable weather condition these days. Then I found a big shining full moon toward the east sky. I was excited very much like a child. My observation of a lunar eclipse started from the east side window of the second floor of my house at 8:40. At around 9 pm, a dark cloud came over the moon and it interrupted the view but cleared up later. I could see the moon was waning. At around 9:40, the thin tiny yellow light on the right upper part of the moon was covered by the shadow of the earth. It was a total eclipse of the moon. I have never seen such rare astronomical phenomena before. Looking up at the moon during this fantastic phenomenon, I thought of the people I love and pray for them.