Tuesday, January 9, 2018


暮の29日から定休日返上でカフェを開け、明後日の木曜日が久々の定休日。特にストレスもなく楽しくカフェに出ていましたが、やはりお休みは楽しみなものです。この新年はお天気が安定しなかったせいか多賀大社への参拝客はいつもより少なかったと巷の噂ですが、それでも表へ出て神社の方を見るといつも黒山の人だかりで賑わっていました。私は実は初詣をまだしていないのです。大晦日の夜、神社がガランガランの時に皆さんより一足先にゆっくりお礼参りをしました。I have been keeping the cafe open since Dec.29th without a break. The day after tomorrow, Thursday is the first closing day in the new year. There is no stress on me about it and I am enjoying myself with the guests in the cafe, but I am also looking forward to taking a break in two days. These new year days, probably because of the unstable weather, people say that the number of the people who visited Taga shrine was less than usual. Even so, when I went out to the front street and looked toward the shrine, the area in front of the shrine was filled with a mass of people. I haven't visited the shrine since the new year started yet, but I visited there at the last night of the last year. It was so quiet and almost empty at the shrine. I offered my thanks to the gods. It was a calm and good time for me.