Friday, September 22, 2017


1週間前からカフェをS.Kさんにお任せしてボストンに来ています。お天気は毎日曇り時々雨。落ち葉かきもそろそろ始まろうかという季節です。今日は日米の、 ポストの写真です。神社脇にある昔ながらのこのポストは、スケッチ画家の松居さんによると多賀や彦根近辺にまだ数カ所残っているそうです。アメリカ版はどこへ行っても四本足で踏ん張っている青いポスト。最初、ゴミ箱かと思いました。赤と青。並べて見ると何だか赤鬼、青鬼を連想します。浜田廣介作「泣いた赤鬼」は心に響く良いお話です。Leaving the cafe to Ms. S.K., I have been in Boston since a week ago. The weather here is cloudy every day and sometimes it rains. It's almost the season to start raking fallen leaves. Today I would like to show photos of Japanese and US mailboxes. An old fashioned Japanese mailbox is located beside the entrance of Taga Taisha. According to Mr. Matsui who is a sketch artist, there are still a couple of these mailboxes around the Taga and Hikone area. On the other hand, the blue one which stands firmly with four legs is an American mailbox which you will see everywhere in the US. When I saw it, I thought it was a trash container. A red mailbox and a blue mailbox. Looking at both side by side, I associate them with a red demon and blue demon. "The Red Demon cried " by Koosuke Hamada is a story that resonates strongly in my heart.