Sunday, September 10, 2017


H.Nさんが美しい花、S.Kさんが可憐な野草を次々に持ってきて下さいました。殆ど私には初めての出会いです。「ムクゲ(木槿)」と「ホトトギス(杜鵑草)」はお茶花。「おたふく南天」は名前が楽しいです。「水引草」はその名の通りおめでたい時に使う水引のように小さな花の片側は赤、裏は白になっています。黄色い花はひまわりの一種だそうですがマーガレット大の大きさで山間部に咲いているとか。茎の先に赤い棒状の花の「ワレモコウ(吾亦紅)」は「ちとせ庵」のFさんからいただきました。My friends, Ms. H.N and Ms. S.K brought beautiful flowers from their garden to me. I was seeing most of these flowers for the first time. Mukuge (Hibiscus syriacus) and Hototogis (Japanese Toadlily) are often used for tea ceremonies. Otafuku-nanten (no English name) sounds joyful because Otafuku literally means many fortunes and it indicates a woman with a small low nose, high flat forehead and bulging cheeks. Mizuhikisoo really looks like Mizuhiki, which is a bundle of strings. Red and white strings are used for celebratory gifts. I don't know the name of the yellow flowers but according to Ms. S.K. it is a kind of sunflower and there are many in her area. Waremokoo which are rod-like with dark red flowers on top of the stalks are from Mr. and Mrs. F who run the soba shop "Chitose-an".