Wednesday, September 6, 2017


マリンバコンサートの余韻がまだまだ残る中、今朝はいつもの散歩に出かけました。月が変わり秋の気配がそこここに漂い始めていますが、蝉が夏の最後を告げるように鳴いていました。田んぼは半分ぐらい稲刈りが終っています。今はあまり見られなくなった藁の束を見つけ写真を撮り、太田川に戻ってくるとそこには芙蓉の花が美しく咲いていました。I am still feeling deeply impacted after Mr. Nunoya's marimba concert. I went out for morning walk as usual. Now that the month has changed to September, I feel autumn in the air but still hear cicadas making noise as if they are telling me that it's almost the end of the summer. Half of the rice fields have finished their harvest. I found bundles of straw which we don't see much nowadays. When I came back to the small river nearby, flowers of Cotton rosemallow were beautifully blooming.