Monday, September 4, 2017

9月3日日曜日、多賀あさひやでマリンバ奏者の布谷史人さんを迎えてコンサートを開きました。前日の夕方、10個ほどの大きな重い箱が宅配便で届き、翌朝、布谷さん達の手で箱が開けられマリンバの組み立てが始まりました。組み立てられたマリンバの大きいこと!本番前布谷さんのリハーサルの音が絵馬通りに心地よく響いていました。そして開演。お客様は何と90人近く。静かに滑りだした布谷さんのマリンバは時に力強く、時に軽快に、そして時に心が震えるほど温かく、聴く人の心を一気に掴んで離しませんでした。素晴らしいの一言。ありがとう、布谷さん。ありがとう、いらして下さった皆さん!そして、前日から設営を手伝ってくさった皆さん、ありがとう!On Sep. 3rd, we had a marimba concert featuring internationally known marimbist, Mr. Fumito Nunoya. The day before the concert, about 10 big and heavy boxes arrived at my house and the next morning Mr. Nunoya and Drs. Fukui who are his strong supporters, opened them and assembled the marimba. It was a really big installment when I saw the marimba after the pieces were assembled. The sound of marimba as Mr. Nunoya rehearsed could be heard nicely from the street out front. About 90 people gathered for the concert. The concert started with the smooth sound of the marimba and it sometimes became energetic and rough, sometimes it sounded lightly and sometimes it was a really warm sound which was appealing to all of the senses. Mr. Nunoya's marimba was simply wonderful. Thank you Mr. Nunoya. Thank you to the people who came for the concert. And thank you to the amazing people who helped prepare for the concert from the day before.