Thursday, June 1, 2017

今日から6月。衣替えの季節です。まず5月中飾っておいた武者人形を片付け、掛け軸を新しいものに替えたつもりが何か見覚えのある掛け軸。はて、前に掛けたものなのかブログをさかのぼって見てみたら2月に掛けたものでした。松と雀、それにピンクの花は何でしょう?冬か夏かどちらに掛けるのが正解か、そのうちお客様が教えて下さるだろうと無責任にそのまま掛けておくことにしました。きれいな花が咲いたからとT.Kさんがサボテンの鉢植えを持ってきて下さったので、古い鉢に入れて廊下に置いてみました。何というサボテンかT.Kさんも分からないそうです。T.Kさんも私も随分呑気ですね。Today is the start of June and the season of Koromo-gae (changing clothing). In Japan, school children change their uniform into the summer one. Warrior dolls in the alcove are put away into a storage room and a new scroll is hung. I thought I picked a new one, but it's somehow familiar with me. After checking my blogs, I realized that I put it up in February. I have no idea whether it is best for the winter or summer season. I decided to keep it in the alcove until some wise man/woman tells me about it. The other day, Mr. T.K brought a beautiful cactus flower pot to me. I put it on a wooden-floored corridor. I asked the name of the cactus to Mr. T.K but he doesn't know about it. I think both Mr. T.K and I are pretty optimistic.