Thursday, June 22, 2017


今日はボストンから帰っている娘と敏満寺の胡宮神社へ行ってきました。緑が瑞々しい神社は今は無人と聞いていますが、きれいに掃除された参道を歩くと敏満寺の人々の神社を守る気持ちが伝わります。軽い気持ちで磐座(いわくら)へと向かったのが大きな誤算で、上り坂のきつさに先日の能イベントで体力を消耗した私は音を上げそうになりました。結局、向かったのは標高333メートルの青龍山で、頂上で家から持ってきたおにぎりとお茶で一休み。美しい眺めと多賀町の花、ささゆりで癒されました。Today I went to Konomiya Shrine with my daughter who is now visiting me from Boston. Konomiya Shrine which is full of fresh greenery is now unoccupied but the area was neatly cleaned and I could tell that people in Binmanji are taking good care of the shrine. It was my big misjudgment that Iwakura (referring to inner shrine) was an easy walk but it was so hard for me especially after I had exhausted my energy for the Noh event last Sunday. Ultimately we climbed up the 333 meter-high Mount Seiryu. On the top of the mountain, we took a break with rice balls and tea which I brought from home. Both my daughter and I were soothed by the beautiful view and Sasayuri (Lillium japonicum) which is the symbol flower of Taga.