Monday, June 5, 2017

6月5日(月曜日) 2017
風が強かったですが今日も良いお天気でした。散歩に出て神社の森がスカスカになっていたので、がっかりしました。この間、大きなクレーン車が境内に入っていたので木の枝打ちをするとは分かっていましたが、枝打ちだけでなく立派な森の木が何本も根元からなくなっていたのには驚きました。そこまで必要?と思ってしまいます。散歩の途中いつも季節の花が咲き乱れている角のお宅。今日の花、さて何という名前か、やっぱり私には分かりません。Today was a fine day although it was a bit windy. When I went to Taga-taisha (shrine) on the way of my morning walk, I was very disappointed to see the wood less populated with trees. There was a big crane at the shrine a couple of weeks ago and I knew that they were going to trim the branches of the trees, but actually they cut many big trees in the wood and I was very surprised at this. I doubt if it is truly necessary. There is a house in the corner on my walk which is full of seasonal flowers. Today I found beautiful pink flowers hanging toward the river. I was wondering what the name of it is. Um... again I have no idea.