Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5月31日(水曜日) 2017
最近、庭をよくみています。T.Kさんが時々カフェに来て庭木のことを教えて下さいます。ツツジは根元をきれいにすること、花が終ったら混んでいる枝を整理して風を通した方がいい等々。一昨日、紅葉の葉が茂り過ぎて庭石が見えなくなっているので剪定に来てくださいました。ほかに梅の木やちぢみ樫も余分な枝を取って下さり、お蔭で見違える程庭が美しくなりました。These days, I am more interested in looking at my garden. Mr. T.K comes to the cafe and often gives me some advice about the greens in my garden. He has a lot of knowledge about them. He told me that I should clean near the root of the azalea and cut crowded branches after the flowers bloomed to let them get more air inside etc. The day before yesterday, he came to trim maple branches (red leaves tree) which had grown too much and covered the garden stones which is not a good view. He trimmed other trees such as plum tree and oak tree as well. You can compare the garden before and after and will be amazed at how wonderful it looks.