Thursday, May 25, 2017

夕べは激しい雨脚で目が覚めました。朝は少しゆるやかになり、午後は晴れのお天気。雨の日は洗濯物が外に干せないし、外出は億劫になるしと憂鬱なことも多いけど、私は雨の楽しみ方を知っています。座敷から庭を眺めると雨に当たる石が美しくていつまでも見入ってしまいます。 石は雨を受けて光り、適度に水を吸収し、それぞれの表情を持ち、見ていて飽きません。ちょっと気取って言うと雨に濡れる石は哲学的です。 石の言葉に静かに耳を傾けていると、ストレスが少し和らぎ落ち着きを取り戻します。I was woken up by the sound of heavy rain last night. It came down in the morning and cleared up in the afternoon. There are many depressing things on a rainy day such as not being able to dry clothes outside, It's troublesome to go out, etc. However I know the way to enjoy the rainy day. When I look at the garden, there are many stones in the rain and I gaze at them intently because they are very different from the ones on a sunny day. Stones shine upon receiving the rain drops, they absorb the water properly, and each one differently in its own way, expressing individuality. I am never tired of looking at them. Stones in the rain are just philosophical. When I listen to the voice from the stones silently, I feel at ease and am able to regain peace of mind.