Monday, May 22, 2017

私をよく知る人はそそっかしい人間であることをご存知ですが、昨日はそれが多発で恥ずかしい思いをすると同時に自身の行動に充分気をつけなければと思いました。まず、のれんを反対に掛けていたこと。(これは既に2度経験。)次はお客様から能イベントの切符2枚分5000円を頂いているのに1万円札と勘違いして五千円のおつりを出しそうになったこと。3番目はスムージーの注文を聞いて甘酒を冷蔵庫から出そうと探したけど庫内になく困ってふと調理台を見ると既にそこに甘酒が出してあったこと。この3つはほぼ連続して起こりました。頭をすっきりさせなければと夕べは早目にベッドに入りました。Some people who know me well have already noticed that I can be careless sometimes. Yesterday that was revealed many times. I was so embarrassed and felt that I have to pay much more attention to my actions. First, I was hanging Asahiya's shop curtain the opposite way. (Actually, I did this two times in the past.) Next, I received 5,000 yen for the payment of two tickets of Noh event, but I misunderstood that I received 10,000 yen and I was about to turn 5,000 yen back to the customer. Third, when I received an order for the Amazake smoothie, I looked for Amazake (sweet sake made from fermented rice) in my refrigerator. I went into a panic because I couldn't find it. I thought "oh no, I can not make Amazake smoothie without Amazake!". Then I looked at the kitchen table. Amazake was right there. These three misunderstandings happened almost in a row. Last night I went to bed early to rest my brain.

鵜澤 久 (Hisa Uzawa) & 鵜澤 光 (Hikaru Uzawa):
久田 舜一郎 (Shunichiro Hisada) :