Wednesday, June 14, 2023





    It is in the middle of rainy season, and the level of humidity of today is 70%~90%. It is not humid and the feeling is not bad inside my old Japanese house, but we have to be careful not to grow mold and prevent food poisoning.

    Today, I made pickled Japanese shallots. When I saw shallots at the local vegetable market, I hesitated to buy them because the sizes were so small, but an old lady near me said that smaller ones are much tastier than bigger one, so I purchased a bag of shallots and took them home. Washing muddy shallots and peeling off the skin of all small shallots was not easy and took time, so by completing my work I changed my pace by checking emails and eating some sweets. After mixing with a little salt, I left them aside putting a weight on top. Boiled them quickly and put them in a sweet vinegar jar.

    By the way, the pot of hydrangea which was from Ms. H, who brings seasonal flower pots, is beautifully opened with deep color and it is decorated nicely at the entrance of the cafe.