Sunday, June 4, 2023






    For three days from Jun 1st, the clown Rone & Gigi Live Stage performance has started at Aoyama in Tokyo. I made a quick trip to see the live show. Many friends around the Tokyo area whom I invited to the show came and I was very happy to see them after a few years of not seeing them.

    Well, my seat was assigned in the center of the first row. I preferred one in more rear and off center, but anyhow I took my glass with wine which I could order as much as I wanted, and I was ready to watch the show after cheers with my friend. In the middle of the show, a young man who was taken from the back seat and I were invited to the stage by clown Rone. I would rather not go, but there was no choice. On the stage, the young man and I were supposed to be a couple to marry and at the end of the celemony we were handed a stick and Gigi turned two plates and after Rone received them, started some tricky movement, then put the one on both our sticks. I was concentrating on keeping my stick straight so as not to make the plate fall.

    Both Rone and Gigi showed us their clownings and techniques which were amazing and amusing. Only one thing which was unfortunate was juggling. I was waiting to see their amazing juggling but it wasn't on this live performance. My friend was next to me and it was the first time for her to watch the clown live. She was laughing all the time which made me glad.

    I could introduce all my friends to sweaty Rone & Gigi at the lobby after the show. I would like to send applause and cheer to the Clown Rone & Gigi, other performers, sign-language interpreter and all staff for giving us such a wonderful show.