Saturday, June 10, 2023



    さて、これはおばけの家族。お母さんは、ばけばけ君にお小遣い100円とそれを入れるお財布を渡しました。ばけばけ君は大喜びで初めて一人で街へ自分の好きなものを買いにいきます。最初に入ったお菓子屋さんで100円のひとつめチョコがあったので、早速それを買おうとお財布を開けると、中からけむりと一緒におさいふの神様が出てきて「それ、いちばん ほしいかね〜?」と言います。「1まいしかない100円をそんなにかんたんに使うのかね〜?」とも。その後いろいろ店に行っては100円のものを見つけては買おうとしますが、その度に神様がお財布から出てきて「そんなに簡単におかねを使っちゃいかーん!」と言います。ばけばけ君はもっとお金があったら考えなくても何でも買えるのにと文句を言うと、神様は「一番ほしいものを考えてこれを全部使うのじゃ」とばけばけ君のおさいふから100円玉をどんどん出します。悲鳴を上げながら「わかった、よ〜く考えて大事に使うからもう止めて!」というと神様も100円の山も消えて、100円玉が一つ残ります。ばけばけ君はよ〜く考えてよ〜く選んでお菓子屋であめを10個買いました。それを家族みんなで食べました。(終)


    I picked a book for today's story telling for the second graders which was "God of Wallet". People often use their credit card or smartphone for their payment these days. It became very convenient but at the same time it is an issue of how we teach children the value of money without using real money. I found this picture book among the books which I borrowed from the town library and I thought it was just appropriate to teach the value of money. Before I started reading, I asked the children if they had a monthly allowance. Most of them receive an allowance from their mother or grandma and I was surprised that the amount was rather high for a child.

    Well, it was about a ghost family. Mother gave one hundred yen as an allowance and wallet to his son, Bake-Bake. He was very excited about it because it was the first experience for him to manage money. He went to town to buy the things that he wanted. He found chocolates which were one hundred per one and opened his wallet to take out his money, then an old man came out from the wallet with smoke. It was the God of wallet. God said to him " Is it really what you want to buy? Are you sure that you use your precious one coin so easily? ". Bake-bake went to several shops and every time when he found a thing which was one hundred and took out his money, God came out and said "think it over and choose one carefully.". He wished that if he could have more money, he could buy everything he wanted. Then God kept giving him one hundred coins saying " you have to use all this money only for your favorite one." He was overwhelmed by the mounted coins and begged God " I will promise that I will think over what I use my money for, so please stop!". Then God and the mounted coins disappeared, and only one coin was left. He went to the candy shop after thinking over what he would buy and he bought ten candies with his money. He ate the candies with his family. (the end)

    Most of the kids didn't cover their faces and listened to my reading. Hope they will remember the God of wallet when they use their money.