Thursday, June 1, 2023



    雨の中、いつもの道は通る人も少なく幸いで、自転車のペダルを漕ぎながら何か楽しめることはないかとジーン・ケリーの有名な映画のシーン、土砂降りの中でタップダンスをしながら歌う「雨に唄えば(Sigin' in The Rain)」を思いつくも歌詞分からず取り敢えずはハミングで。


    As we expected by weather forecast, it was raining from the morning. Monday is the day off and it is a day to buy foodstuff at the market in Hikone. I was unwilling to go out on such a day, but it was necessary for me to prepare lunch and other stuff for the cafe. It was easy to find my rain jacket but I couldn't find rain pants, so I decided to go with rain jacket, hat and sunglasses. Right after I left the house, however, I realized that I needed rain pants otherwise I would be drenched in the rain. I stopped by a clothing store on the way and bought a rain suit for 590 yen which was an extra large size and see through one only. I didn't hesitate to get it because protection from the rain was the most important rather than looking fancy.
It was raining but I was lucky because I didn't see many people on my way and it's easier to ride my bicycle.

    I tried to find something fun while I was riding in the rain, and I found a song which Gene Kelly was singing with tap dancing in the movie "Singin' in the Rain" but since I didn't know the lyrics of it, I just hummed.

    I was soaking wet after shopping. When I got home, I dried myself and changed into a striped shirt and bright pink cardigan to raise my spirits.