Friday, June 23, 2023




    I have known Mr. I, a resident in Kohra town, who plays Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute). The other day, I had a request from him to use my cafe space for their lesson having Shakuhachi master, Mr. Furuya from Tokyo, and having lunch with them. Originally it was the day that my cafe was closed, but I accepted his request and prepared their lunch. It was fun to join their conversation during their lunch time and I learned many things about shakuhachi from the master. Fortunately we had a chance to listen to Furuya's Shakuhachi after lunch. He played three pieces of music and they were amazing! Of course his various techniques were superb and I was moved by his expression. When I closed my eyes and listened to his Shakuhachi, I could feel the movement of wind and imagine various nature and I was filled with affection and nostalgia. I was really moved by his music.

    He was playing not in a big hall but in a small storage room which was surrounded by a thick wall, so I could hear a subtle sound and sensitive expression. It was a wonderful performance and I was really lucky to listen to Furuya's playing just in front of me. It was a memorable day.