Thursday, October 27, 2022



 きまぐれ市で”GET” したのはトマトとブロッコリー。トマト300円ブロッコリー150円。新鮮な野菜に元気をもらいます。


    I had a long morning walk after a long time. It was a little bit early to see autumn colors in the mountains, but I felt so good to receive the autumn sunlight and wind. When I was walking, I thought about what kind of vegetable would be in the vending machine in Kimagure Market. I saw fields which were neatly prepared for the next planting but also fields where all plants were completely dried on the other side.

    I was very shocked and thought that it must be some reason but I didn't know why the owner of the field didn't harvest before they dried up.
At the Kimagure vegetable market, I got fresh tomatoes and broccoli at a reasonable price.

    On the way back home, I walked along a farm path where various colored cosmos blossomed on the side. I was thinking of my brother who died young and loved the cosmos. My heart was filled with a quiet and calm feeling. I named it "Cosmos Path" then.