Tuesday, October 4, 2022


    お知らせです! 11月に多賀あさひやにて、ロネとジージによる講座と公演、それにワークショップが開かれます。






    I would like to make an announcement of RONE & Gigi's Clown Talk, two different Clown Shows and Clown Workshop at Taga Asahiya in November. RONE & Gigi is a clown duo, and they express one of the western cultures based on the western philosophy and it has been popular among people for a long time. Everybody knows Charlie Chaplin and he is one of the clowns.

    In a Talk session, RONE and Gigi will explain about what expression is and what fun is by showing the video clip and other examples of the difference between Western and Japanese styles. We Japanese people are not good at expressing ourselves but there are plenty of resources around us which make our life full and fun and make good communication to others.

    There are two different performances on Sunday. One is "Big Ears Show" which will be the second time at Taga Asahiya. Kids will be a big fan of them as well as adults. The other one is "Clown Live". RONE & Gigi will show us their high quality of talent such as dance, singing songs, showing magic, juggling, pantomime, etc. You will be amazed by their talent and be in the wave of laughter. If you have taken a clown's lecture previously, you will know their clowning and appreciate their performance.

    In the clown workshop, RONE & Gigi will teach us the way how to approach a clown. It must be fun!

    If you would like to participate in these events or have questions, please call Taga Asahiya (0749-48-0186).