Sunday, October 2, 2022





    Annual cleaning of Kurumado-river which runs in Taga Taisha was held from 8 a.m. with all members of our neighbourhood and it was the second time since the spring. Actually people in the shrine already cleaned the river recently, so we did not work very much.

    Returning home, I continued preparing Izanami lunch (special lunch on every first Sunday of the month), and finished by lunch time. The menu of today was the following; White fish Muniell with sauteed green vegetable, shimeji-mushroom, Sauteed green peppers with young sardines and green onions, Okura with eggs, Fried tofu mixed with vegetables, Pickled myoga ginger, Squash salad, Chestnut rice and Minestrone.

    Mr. and Mrs. O from Kyoto visited Taga to take care of their old house which is empty now, and they gave a branch of persimmon which they took from their garden of the house. Since it was too heavy to put it in a vase, I laid it to display the alcove. I appreciate the nice gift which makes me feel the autumn.