Thursday, April 21, 2022



    Because of the last heavy snow and leaving it unattended for several decades, the backyard house had a damaged roof and floor, I asked the building contractor to repair it. I am using this house for keeping things for the events such as folding chairs, vinyl floor, black curtains, etc and I also put an old piano, old kimonos from grandmother or great grandmother, books, and other things which I usually don't use. Therefore the inside of the house is a mess. I started to clean it up roughly anyhow. There was an old Japanese doll inside a glass case and I decided to throw it away, so I removed the glass, crushed them into small pieces, and put them in a cloth bag because we needed to throw them away in this way. Then I took the doll and saw it. It was still very nice, so I put it on the alcove in the guest room before throwing it away. The design and color of the kimono is nice, and her hair is beautifully tied. There is no damage or stains at all.
    I deeply apologized to the doll for my previous feeling to throw her away.