Wednesday, April 13, 2022



    Local resident, Ms.T brought branches of pear for me, so I put them in the flower jar to decorate the alcove. The flowers are white and beautiful. Ms. K also brought an armful of daffodils. When we had heavy snow at the end of last December, one of the peach branches broke and it was left on the ground as it was. Yesterday I found many pale pink flowers at the top of the branches, so I cut some of them and put them into the same jar in the alcove. I also found some flowers at a broken branch of a cherry tree in the backyard which has already been damaged by some insects and the heavy snow which had also attacked the cherry tree. The broken branch was connected to the tree with thin bark.

    Watching Youtube, I see many towns were destroyed miserably by the war in Ukraine and know an incredible number of lives were lost easily. On the other hand, I was amazed by the power of nature. Even broken branches absorbed water through the very thin bark and opened pretty flowers. I don't know what to say and stay silent.