Sunday, March 20, 2022





    Since I knew if I had a third vaccination, I was not required to be quarantined at the hotel after arriving in Japan from Boston, I decided to get it while I was in Boston although I had a little hesitation about it before. A couple of my friends in Boston advised me to drink a lot of water after vaccination, so maybe because of that, I didn't get any serious side effects which made me relieved.

    The PCR test which we need to take before boarding is very expensive in both US and Japan, but we can not avoid it to get on board without negative proof of it, so I went to the facility to take the test and get the proof after 45 minutes waiting for the result in Logan airport. In the plane, crew members put face covering, goggles and gloves in the cabin and wore protective suits during meal service. I guessed they cut the time of serving because of trying not to contact passengers very much. Since the number of the passengers was much smaller than the flight before covid-19 epidemic, we could stay relaxed in the airplane but still the flight time between Boston and Tokyo is very long, about 14 hrs.

    The situation must be different depending on the airport and arrival time, when I arrived at Narita airport, I was put in a group along with all other passengers from the same plane. We needed to take a long walk to reach the quarantine area and waited for over two hours on the folding seat. There was a mother with a baby and a family with small children among our group, and it must have been tough for them but nobody complained about the long wait. Finally it was our turn and checked several kinds of documents, PCR test, accessing each one's smartphone for checking health condition, location, etc. and the total time was 3.5 hours. Usually I get back to my home which is in the west district of Japan within the same day of arrival but this time I was so late so I decided to ask my friend to stay over on that night and came back home the next day. Foreigners are not allowed to come to Japan but even in that situation, it takes such a long time. I wonder what it will be like from now on.