Friday, March 4, 2022


    今日は歯のクリーニングの日。しばらくぶりなのでまずはレントゲンから。次に歯石の除去。衛生士は気のいいレキシー。右上奥の歯が半年ほど前に痛かったことを告げると途中で歯医者のラピドス先生が入ってきてチェック。少し削ったみたいだったけど何ともなかったので様子をみようということになって、クリーニング続行。下から見上げるラピドス先生はこの3年間に白髪が増えたよう。院内はプレスリーが歌うような軽めのロックが流れる中、レキシーが2ヶ月半歯科医院が閉まっていたこと、再開してもCovid-19で皆ピリピリムード、患者も歯科側もものすごい体制だったことなど話してくれました。口をすすいでミント味のフロスをしてもらって完了。スッキリ感いっぱいで感謝すると、Yei!と喜んでくれました。Goodie Bag(お土産)の中身は歯ブラシ、歯磨き、フロス、リップクリーム、それに歯ブラシカバーでした。歯科の保険料が高い分応対などサービスはいいように思います。

    I had a dental appointment today. It has been almost three years since my last visit to the dentist, so I was taken for an X-ray first then moved to remove tartar. Today's hygienist was Lexi and she was very friendly. I told her that I had a toothache in my right upper rear tooth about a half year ago and Lexi seemed to have reported it to the doctor. Shortly, Dr. Lapidus came into the room and checked my teeth. It seemed that he didn't find any problem with my teeth, he said that he was going to wait until next time and see it again. Lexi worked on my tartar removal again. I thought that Dr. Lapidus had more gray hair than the last time I met three years ago. Listening to light rock music from the speakers in the ceiling, Lexi was talking to me about the clinic being closed for two and half months because of Covid-19, that everybody was so tense even after the clinic opened again, and the strict protection for Covid-19 both on the clinical and patient sides at the beginning because nobody knew what covid-19 was. I rinsed my mouth and she did peppermint floss for me, then everything was over. I felt so fresh and told her about it. Lexi said "Yay!". She gave me a Goodie Bag which contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lip cream and toothbrush cap. I think the dental service is good, maybe because we pay a high monthly insurance fee.