Sunday, March 13, 2022


    アメリカにはTRADER JOE'S(トレーダー・ジョーズ)というスーパーマーケットほど大きくないけど有機野菜から輸入製品、冷凍食品などほかとはちょっと違う品を揃えた人気のチェーン店があります。大抵どこの店も店員のお兄ちゃんたちの愛想がよく以前はユニフォームがアロハシャツだったのが今は季節が違うからかトレーナーになっていました。 

    この店で先日「Mochi Cake Mix」が売出し中でした。カフェで「もち粉ケーキ」を作っている私としては気になるこの商品。箱書きには「モチのような粘りのあるハワイ風のケーキ」とあり、早速購入して家で作ってみることにしました。  


    どちらが美味しいかって? 勿論、あさひやの「もち粉ケーキ」!! 

     There is a chain market,TRADER JOE'S ,which is not as big as a common supermarket but they sell many interesting items such as organic foods, imported products, and frozen foods, which are a little different from other markets. Shopkeepers at Trader Joe's are very friendly and they used to wear Aloha shirts but when I went to the shop the other day, they were wearing sweatshirts maybe because it is still winter season now.

    I found "Mochi Cake Mix" there and I was interested in it because I wondered how it is different from the "Mochi-ko Cake" in my cafe. "A Hawaiian inspired cake with a chewy mochi texture" was the description of the cake, so I decided to buy and make it.

    Mix Mochi cake mix and water first, and add butter and eggs, then pour into the pan. Bake 50 min. in a 350°F oven. As a result, the finished product looked almost the same as the photo on the box. Since there was much sugar already in the cake mix, it was too sweet for me but it was indeed chewy like Mochi. As for "Mochi-ko Cake" in my cafe, I use egg but not butter, and put milk instead of water. I also use light brown sugar and put red bean paste instead of white sugar. I baked a more puffy cake because I put a little baking powder. 

    Are you asking which one is good? Of course Taga Asahiya's Mochiko Cake is the best!