Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Various rituals and events which celebrate spring around the world are all being canceled due to this abnormal situation. Even my area, which is a countryside town in Shiga where no infected people have been found yet, is filled with a gloomy atmosphere because of the increasing number of infected people in our prefecture. I saw a video on Youtube which showed an updated situation of the famous cities in the world where usually you will see very lively scenes with many tourists and local people but they were almost empty which made me recall the last scene of the American movie titled "On the beach" (1959) where there are no people to be found anywhere because all of the people on earth have died because of radioactive contamination. The video on Youtube, however, was different from that because even though tens of thousands of people have already died because of coronavirus, there are still people living on the earth and hiding in the buildings. Honestly I tend to think that we will be safe as long as we live in such a spacious rural area, but there is no guarantee that we will not be infected by the virus. Coronavirus which we don't know what to do is fearful because it changes our living situation into a chaotic one within only a week. I will put the music of "On the Beach" here. It is a light smooth song by Jimmie Rodgers. The more smooth and beautiful the music, the more deep sadness I feel.