Thursday, April 23, 2020

巣篭もり生活で一つ一つの動作がかなり鈍くなっているように思います。端午の節句が近づいていることを知りながらなかなか床の間のしつらえを変えずにいましたが本日やっと五月人形を飾りました。一年ぶりにお目見えの我が家のイケメン武者人形。箱から出してみるとやはり惚れ惚れするような凛々しさに我が乙女心が踊ります。Because of self-quarantine life due to prevention of infection, I feel the days pass slower than usual. Even though I have known the Boys' Festival Day on May 5th is approaching, I didn't take any action but today I finally displayed dolls for that. It has been a year since the last appearance of the dolls which wore warrior costumes. When I took those out from the box and put them in the alcove, I was excited because they looked so nice and gallant! Oh, I feel very happy to be protected by such young, handsome two warriors!