Friday, January 31, 2020

「山田周生さん、スペシャルトーク」が無事おわりました。一夜明けて片付けも終わりいつものカフェの静けさに戻っていますが、私自身は昨夜色々話してくださった山田さんと熱心に聞いて下さったお客様との中で生まれた素晴らしい雰囲気に満ち足りた幸福感を味わい、皆様に感謝の気持ちで一杯で未だふわふわと夢見心地でおります。それにしても山田さんのお話には今回も名言がたくさんありました。「問題がある時、目の前に答えがある」「未来のシナリオはあなたの中にある」「歩く(進む)と道ができる」「人を変えることは難しいが自分を変えることは可能」「小さいサイクルで自信をつけると大きいのもできる」etc.すべて山田さん自身の体験から出てくる言葉で説得力があり多くの方が力づけられたのではないでしょうか。質問すればするほどこちらの眼が全開するほど驚くような山田さんの体験ですが「好きなことにはストレスは感じません」とおっしゃっるように私も自分なりに好きなことをしていければと思います。Our event "Yamada Shusei Special Talk" is over. The next morning, after cleaning up everything, the cafe got back to the usual calm situation, but it is a little bit hard for me to get back to normal. I am still excited from the atmosphere which was created by Mr. Yamada who gave a wonderful talk and the audience who listened to his talk with attention. I am really grateful for Mr. Yamada and all our guests who came to this event. Anyway, there were many remarkable phrases in his talk such as "when you have a problem, you can find the answer just in front of you,'' "your future scenario is inside of you"," When you step forward, the path will be created", "it is difficult to make changes in other people, but it is possible to change yourself" and " If you are able to manage and get confidence about familiar things, you will become capable in managing much larger things", etc. All of these sayings are so powerful and convincing because Mr. Yamada actually experienced various incredible things in the past. Many audience members must have been encouraged by him. The more I ask questions, the more I'm surprised because they are all unbelievable experiences. As he said, when you do your favorite things, you don't feel stressed, so I will choose to do my own favorite things.