Tuesday, January 21, 2020

ご近所の和菓子屋さんから開業祝いにいただいた5色のだるまさんが水屋箪笥の上に飾ってありますが、四年前にカフェが順調にいくようにと願って片目を入れて1年後、無事に1年が過ごせたことを感謝してもう一方の目を入れ、その時に赤いだるまにもまた片目を入れて二年目の祈願をしました。が、実はその後そのままになっていたことに今日気がつきました。何ということを!と深く反省。だるまさん達をきれいにして机の上に並べて、改めて感謝を込めて赤だるまに目を入れました。そして、新たな祈願をして次なる青だるまの片目を入れました。「ダルマさんがころんだ」と言って10数えることがありますが、「ダルマさんがならんだ」でも10になる!…と感心しながら水屋箪笥に並んだ起き上がり小法師の縁起のいい我が家のだるまさん達を見上げました。今年もヨロシクお願いします。There are five colored little DHARUMA dolls (modeled after Bodhidharma who was a founder of Zen Buddhism) on an old style Japanese cupboard in my cafe which I received as a gift from a Japanese sweets shop in my neighbourhood for the opening celebration of my cafe four years ago. At that time, I followed the custom to paint in an eye of a Dharma praying that my cafe would run smoothly. One year later, I appreciated that everything went well, so I painted the other eye of the first Dharma and painted one eye of the red one. Today, I realized that I haven't done anything since then and I shouted in my mind "Oh my goodness!", so I cleaned all the Dharmas and put them on the table in order to paint in the red Dharma's eye appreciating everything. I also painted in the blue Dharma's eye for another goal. In Japan, there are times when we count to ten, when we say "Dha-ru-ma-sa-n-ga ko-ro-n-da (which means Dharuma] fell)" but I found that we are also able to count to 10 by saying "Dha-ru-ma-sa-n-ga na-ra-n-da (which means Dharuma lined up)" to my satisfaction. It is so nice to look at five lined up good luck Dharma dolls!