Sunday, December 1, 2019

多賀町、桃原(もばら)ごぼうの復活に取り組んでいる方たちから今年も無事皆さんで収穫が終わったとの知らせは受けていましたが、出荷が終わった1週間ほど前にチームの代表の中川信子さんから残ったごぼうのお裾分けをいただきました。以来、湿気を含んだ新聞紙に包んで少しずつ大切にいただいています。昨夜はごぼうをさっと茹でて黒ごまと甘酢に少し漬け込んで食卓へ。柔らかくて香りのいい桃原ごぼうを堪能しました。マーケットのごぼうとはやはり違う贅沢な食材です。Ms. Nobuko Nakagawa is a person who is putting her effort on reviving Mobara-goboh which used to be grown at Mobara, located in the mountain side of Taga and shipped to Kyoto for luxury restaurants decades ago. Because of the decreasing number of people in the area, growing goboh roots had been stopped for many years. I heard that the volunteeer group including Ms. Nakagawa finished digging out goboh and about a week ago after shipping them, Ms. Nakagawa brought some left overs to me. I wrapped them in wet newspapers to keep them fresh and use for my dinner little by little. Yesterday, I boiled some goboh lightly, and put them in sweet vinegar with ground black sesame seeds. Both the smell and tenderness were perfect and I enjoyed them for dinner. They are different from the one in the supermarket. Mobara-goboh is a truly precious vegetable in Taga.