Tuesday, December 17, 2019

銀杏(ぎんなん)をたくさんいただきました。銀杏ご飯を食べようと、まずは殻を割るところから。タオルを敷いて、かなづちでヒビを入れ殻を外すと薄皮のついた果肉が現れ、次に熱湯をかけて冷ましてから手で薄皮を取ると艶のあるきれいな実が顔を出し、それを塩を多めに入れて茹でるとさらに美しい薄みどり色の姿になりました。お酒と塩少々で炊き上げたご飯に混ぜて銀杏ご飯の出来上がり。初めての挑戦でしたが、なかなかの出来栄えで銀杏の弾力のある食感とほろ苦い風味に大満足でしたが、銀杏は食べすぎは良くないとのこと。我慢してお代わりは一回だけにしました。I received a lot of ginkgo nuts from Ms. S.K., so I decided to make ginkgo rice. Starting from cracking the shells with a hammer on the towel, I took off every shell, then the flesh with pellicle appeared. When I took off every pellicle after pouring hot water and cooling down to make it easer to remove, they turned to shining ginkgo fruits. I could see beautiful light green ginkgo fruits after boiling them with salty hot water. Then I mixed them in steamed rice which was made with two spoonfuls of sake and a bit of salt. It was my first trial to make ginkgo rice and I think it was well done. I enjoyed the firm texture and little bitter taste of ginkgo fruit. It was so good but since people say that eating too many ginkgos is not good, I only had a second bowl of rice despite my wish to have more.