Wednesday, December 11, 2019

学生たちが質問に答えると下のベルを引いてサンタさんにバンザーイさせて、学生たちの笑いをとっていました。先日、月曜の朝の読み聞かせにこのサンタをつけて1年生の子供達の前に立ちましたがイマイチの反応で残念。来週の2年生で面白いクイズを考えて再挑戦してみます。実は一番ウカれているのは私なんですが… It's Christmas season again. In Japan many people spend this season in a cheerful mood without any religious feeling. I bought this cute Santa ornament (broach) at CVS/pharmacy in Boston more than 20 years ago. It was only 1 or 2 dollars. I used to put this Santa on my jacket in my Japanese class every year during this season and when students answered correctly my questions, I showed Santa raising both arms by pulling the red bell. In this way I enjoyed students laughing and feeling relaxed. This Monday morning, I went to the elementary school for story reading putting on this Santa, and contrary to my expectations, I couldn't get much reactions from the kids and I was a bit discouraged. I will try again during the next reading class for the second graders and give a more interesting quiz. In fact the person who is most excited by the Santa is myself...