Sunday, November 17, 2019

渋柿をいただいたので3日前に干し柿作りに初めて挑戦しました。地元の言葉かどうか分かりませんが柿を吊るして干すからか、子供の時からうちでは「つるんぼし」と呼んでいました。さて作り方が分からなくてもネットを見れば動画で説明してくれる時代です。私でもできそうだと思えるのはありがたいです。でも柿を吊るす紐が短すぎて吊るした後の眺めがカッコ良くないなと笑っちゃいました。美しく見せるのは何でもバランスが大事だと干し柿作りで納得。台から降りて目に飛び込んできたのは綺麗な虹で、よく見ると二重に掛かっていました。しばし、穏やかに見とれました。Since I received astringent persimmons from my friend, I took on the challenge of making dried persimmons for the first time. I'm not sure if local people call it the same way but probably because it is hung for drying, my family members were calling it  "TSURUNBOSHI (hung-dried persimmon). It is convenient now because even if you don't know how to make it, you are able to learn from youtube and I feel encouraged to make it. Actually the procedure was simple and not difficult, but as a result, it made me laugh because the strings were a bit short and when I hung them, they were ok but didn't look aesthetically nice to me. Well, I learned that things should be well balanced to look nice.  When I stepped down, a beautiful rainbow came into my sight!!  Looking at it carefully, it was a double rainbow which fascinated me.