Thursday, May 2, 2019

新しい元号、令和になって二日目です。昨日はあいにくの雨でしたが、それでも多賀大社に 参拝の方は多く、カフェにいらっしゃった東近江市からのお客様は、平成最後の日と令和初日の 御朱印を多賀大社でいただくために二日連続で多賀に来ましたとおっしゃっていました。 お願いして御朱印帳を見せていただいたのですが写真を撮らせていただくのをうっかり忘れてしまい、 ここに載せられないのが残念です。確かに、平成と令和の多賀大社の御朱印が立派な毛筆の字と ともに押されていました。私には思いもつかない楽しみ方があるものだと感心しました。Today is the second day of the new era, Reiwa. Even though it was a rainy day yesterday, many people visited Taga Taisha to celebrate and pray for the new era. Guests from Higashi Ohmi in Shiga stopped by my cafe and they said that they came to Taga for two days in a row because they wanted to get GOSHUIN (red ink stamp) of the last day in Heisei and the first day in Reiwa at Taga Taisha. I asked them to show me the stamps on their stamp book (Goshuin-choh). Indeed they were there but I can not show them here because I forgot to ask them to let me take photos in order to put them up on this blog. I saw the red stamps of Taga Taisha dated for two consecutive days and they were with powerful, majestic brush hand writings. I admired their way of enjoying the change of the era, which I had never thought about.