Wednesday, May 8, 2019

五月晴れの一日となりましたが、表通りは連休の賑やかさはどこへやら、また元の静けさに戻りました。 下の方で道路工事の音が響いています。さて、そんな朝に嬉しい贈り物が高知から届きました。愛知県刈谷市にお住まいの T.Tさんは滋賀の地酒屋さんにいらっしゃる度にご友人をさそって私どものカフェにお寄りくださるのですが、 そのTさんは毎年、高知県の馬路村にいらっしゃるとのこと、去年も色々なお土産をお持ちくださったのですが、今年は 現地から直接宅配便が届きました。馬路村の農協が出しているものと思われますが、その情熱が伝わるパッケージと贈り物の数々です。きっと全国でもこの馬路村のことは有名になっていることでしょう。 Tさんは毎年馬路村に行かれて村の人々の温かさを実感なさっているのでしょうが、贈り物を受け取る側にも この村がゆずの村として一丸となっている様子が伝わり楽しくなります。馬路村の愉快な贈り物と一緒にいつも お気遣いくださるTさんの温かいお気持もいただきました。Today is a beautiful fine day in May. During the holidays, the front street was lively with people visiting Taga Taisha, but now it has turned back to the usual quiet street. I can hear the noise of road construction from down the street. This morning I received a gift shipped from Kochi prefecture. It was from Mr. T.T who is living in Kariya in Aichi. Everytime when he comes to local sake shop in Shiga, he also stops by my cafe with his various friends. I heard from him that he travels to Umaji-mura (Umaji village) in Kochi every year. Last year he brought many products for me from Umaji-mura after he returned from the trip. This year, I received a package directly from the village. It was shipped by Umaji-mura agricultural cooperatives and it made me pleasantly surprised because everything such as the packages, messages and things inside were so warm and full of passion of the people in the village. They refer to the village as the Yuzu (citron) Village. This village must be already known widely by many people in Japan because it is so unique. Every year when Mr.T goes to the village, he must receive their warm welcome. Although I haven't been there before, I still I imagine that they are active and put so much effort in letting people know of their products and selling them. I received these funny, pleasant and warm gifts, and at the same time received Mr. T's thoughtfulness as well.