Wednesday, May 22, 2019

ご近所のお料理屋さんの奥様から芍薬をいただきました。 あまりに美しい芍薬の花。何度見てもはっとします。特にこの白さは何と表現すればいいのでしょう。 こんな美しい、夢のような白さがほかにあるでしょうか。透き通っています。ピンクの花も深い緑の葉も すべてが品よく清楚に輝いています。I received peonies from a lady who is running a Japanese restaurant nearby. The flowers are so beautiful and no matter how many times I look at them, I am struck by their color. I don't know how I can express this whiteness. Can you find anything as
breathtakingly dreamy as this? They are so clear. Those pinkish flowers and deep green leaves also look gracious and are shining clearly.