Monday, May 20, 2019

先週の土曜日は大安で多賀大社で結婚式を挙げた若いカップル両家のご親族が 披露宴会場に向かう前に当店で1時間半ほど休息をなさいました。予めカップルが 来店なさって皆様にいなりセットをと注文をいただいていたので、先日購入した日野の陶芸家、 竹村嘉造さんのお皿にのせてみました。いなり寿司はアメリカ風に言うならスナック菓子か サンドイッチといったカジュアルな食べ物だと思うのですが、こうやって竹村さんの作品、 黄瀬戸手大陶板印刻文に並べて座敷に置いてみると何だか我が家のいなり君たち、お行儀 良い子に見えます。晴れの日に座敷も離れも正装の皆様で一杯になりました。Last Saturday (5/18) was Taian ( luckiest day in the six-day Buddhist calendar), and we had a group who held a wedding ceremony at Taga Taisha, and consisted of family members of both the bride and groom. They gathered at my cafe and rested for about one and a half hours before they headed for the reception place.The couple came to my cafe beforehand and ordered an Inari set. I prepared Inari-zushi and put them on the plate which I bought from ceramic artist, Mr. Takemura in Hino, the other day. Inari-zushi is a casual food like a snack or kind of a sandwich in America, but when I put them on Mr. Takemura's artistic plate "KIZETO TEDAI TOHBAN INKOKUMON", they looked like "well mannered elegant boys". All of the tatami rooms were full with guests who were formally dressed for the wedding on a beautiful fine day.