Monday, May 6, 2019

日野の陶芸家、竹村嘉造さんの福始窯陶展<>に行ってきました。近江線で多賀から日野駅まで約1時間。そこからしゃくなげ渓谷行きバスで藤の寺停留所下車。ご自宅までは遠いと言われて電話して迎えにきていただきました。近江鉄道は、カメラを持った男性が駅や車内に多く、また沿道でカメラを設置して待ち構えている人がいるので何かと思って日野駅に着いて駅の人に尋ねたら近江鉄道の700型「あかね号」 が引退する日だとか。私の乗った電車は「あかね号」ではなかったのですが、それでもお目当ての駅に向かうためか車内は鉄道ファンの 熱気で満ちていました。近江鉄道の話しはまた別の機会に写真と一緒に話したいと思います。竹村さんは工房を別に構えていらっしゃり 今日はそこへは行かずに展示会場のご自宅へ。まず、その風情あるお宅に感激し、展示されている趣のある作品の 一つ一つに誠実な竹村さんらしい味わいが出ていて素晴らしいと思いました。永源寺の野田さんののれんがあちこちに掛けられて立派な古民家と作品の引き立て役になっていました。竹村さんには焼き物について色々教えていただき、展示会に訪れていたご友人たちとしばし楽しい会話が続きました。最後に私にはいささか贅沢と思いつつ、竹村嘉造さん作の大きなお皿を購入し、展示会が終ってから届けて下さるというお申し出に甘えることにし会場を後にしました。I went to the exhibition of Fukushigama by ceramic artist, Yoshizo Takemura in Hino <>. It took about an hour from Taga to Hino by Ohmi railway line, then got on a local bus bound for Shakunage ravine, and got off at Fuji no tera. Since a local old man told me that it would be far to get to Takemura's house where the exhibition was held, I asked Mr. Takemura for a ride by his car. I saw many men with their cameras at the station and inside cars, and there were people standing by for a chance to take photos along the railroad line. I was very curious about what was going on today, so asked station staff about it. One staff member said it was because today is the last day for the railway vehicle of 700 type "Akane". The railway vehicle which I got on was not it but still many railway fans were inside the car and full of enthusiasm. It was fun but I will talk about it another day and get back to Mr. Takemura. He has his own work studio but today's exhibition was held at his home which is a very old Japanese house. First, I was very impressed by his elegant house. When I entered the house, big earthen pots, vases, dishes were displayed with presence and they each expressed different things but I could see Mr. Takemura's sincerity in all of them. Mr. Noda's spirit curtains were hanging here and there effectively. Mr. Takemura kindly taught me about pottery and I could join the pleasant conversation with his guests. In the end, while it was too luxurious to me, I bought a big rectangle dish created by Mr. Takemura. He kindly offered to bring the dish to me after the exhibition. I accepted it and left his house.