Thursday, March 14, 2019


朝、寝室から出て外を見たら何と屋根にうっすら雪が積もっていて、しかも白いものがふわふわ舞っていたので 驚きました。今年は大雪もない暖冬ですっかり春に向かっていると思っていただけに、今頃…?!という感じです。 ようやく膨らんで今にも咲きそうな庭の紅梅を背景に白い雪を撮ってみましたが、暗くていい写真になりません でした。小学校の読み聞かせから帰ってくる時は雪は止んでいましたが風が冷たくて、今日は冬に逆戻りしたような一日でした。When I got out from my bedroom in the morning and looked outside from the window, I was surprised because there was snow on the roof and fluffy snow was falling. We didn't have much snow this winter and I thought that spring was just around the corner. This snow made me a bit puzzled. I tried to take a photo of the red plum buds in the garden which were about to open and the white snow on the roof but I failed at it because it was too dark. When I was on the way home from the elementary school where I perform storytelling for the school children, the snow had already stopped. However the wind was chilly and it was cold all day long as if we were back to winter.