Friday, March 22, 2019


久しぶりに新幹線で東京に向かいました。天気がよければ富士山が見られるだろうと 列車に乗る時はいつも期待します。車中まどろんでどことも分からずふと目を開けると、空は 霞がかかって目を凝らしてもどこにも富士の輪郭は見えません。でも、そこはまだ 静岡の手前だと分かりしばらく山あいを進むと、突如開けた所左手に富士の姿がくっきりと現われました。 この感動は何なのでしょう。撮った写真を後で見るとそれほど大きくもないのですが、その時は 目の前に富士がそびえ立つような迫力でせまり、あまりに美しいその姿に心が震えました。 葛飾北斎、横山大観など多くの画家が惹かれて描いた富士。私もやっぱり富士には特別な想いを感じます。 It had been a long time since I headed to Tokyo. If it is clear sky, when I get on the Shinkansen (Bullet train) I always hope that I might be able to see Mt. Fuji from the window. When I woke up after dozing off for a while and didn't know where the train was passing, I tried to find the shape of Mt. Fuji in the hazy sky, but I couldn't. I realized that it was still before Shizuoka. The train kept running by the mountainside, then suddenly beautiful Mt. Fuji appeared on the left n a widely open space. I can not express how breathtaking the view was. It came up in front of my eyes spectacularly, I was moved by such a beautiful shape. I felt it was a much bigger figure than that depicted by the photo which I took at that time. Many great painters, such as Hokusai Katsushika, Taikan Yokoyama were attracted by the Mt. Fuji and drew their own versions of Fuji. I also have my special fondness for Fuji.