Monday, March 25, 2019


ステンドグラス作家の宮嶋幸雄さんが先日カフェに作品展の案内を持って来てくださり、これまでの作品の写真集を奥様が 見せて下さり、その時に作品の行程や見方、難しさなど教えて下さいました。それで、今回ボストン美術館に展示してある ジョン・ラ・ファージ(1835-1910)とルイス・カムフォート・ティファニー(1848-1933)の作品をもう一度見たくなり行ってきました。二人 はアメリカ美術工芸運動の中心になった人物です。作品は見事で、ラファージは浮世絵に興味を持ちアメリカにおけるジャポニスムの火付け役になったとも言われ1886年に来日しています。アメリカ館を見て疲れたので休んでいたら非常警報が鳴り出し館内の者は全員外で待機させられ、戻れた時は閉館まで残り20分ほど。伊藤若冲の絵も見ておきたいと大きな美術館の中をアチコチ歩き回りながらやっとたどり着いたのですが、あいにく改修工事中で日本の作品は殆ど見られず、快慶(1189-1223)の弥勒菩薩像に対面しただけで帰ってきました。The other day, stained glass artist Mr. Yukio Miyajima came to my cafe with his wife to bring the information of his art exhibition. He explained the process of creating stained glass work and told me the difficulty of his work as his wife showed many photos of his work to me. As I remembered that Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has some stained glass collections of John La Farge (1835-1910) and Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933), I went to the MFA yesterday to see them. La Farge and Tiffany were artists of the American Arts and Crafts movement. Their stained glass are marvelous. La Farge was intrested in Hokusai who worked with Japanese wood print and he sparked Japonism in the US. He visited Japan in 1886. When I was resting after looking around Art of The Americas, suddenly the fire alarm started ringing and we were all forced to evacuate. By the time we were allowed to re-enter, there was only 20 min left until closing. I wanted to see the painting of Jakuchu Ito who was a Japanese painter in Edo period, so I tried to get to the Japanese art section but it was not easy to find because the museum was huge. When I finally got there, I found that they were in the middle of a renovation and I could not see most of the exhibitions.What an unfortunate day it was! I only appreciated beautiful Maitreya Bodhisattva by Kaikei (1189-1223) and came home.