Saturday, March 9, 2019


去年の9月から毎月一回、多賀町立文化財センターによる古文書講座と文化財サポーター養成講座が 開催されて参加しています。今日が今年度最後の講座。午前の古文書講座の会場は胡宮神社でお天気も良く庭の白梅が 美しく咲いていて古文書を学ぶにはぴったりの背景でしたが、肝心の古文書は私にはどう考えても難しくて解読は困難。 それでも胡宮神社の福寿院にまつわる史実が書かれた内容は興味あるものでした。帰りにかつてのSLパークに置き去りに された古い蒸気機関車の前を通るとそばにピカピカのオートバイが並んでいたので、そのコントラストが面白くて 写真を撮りました。午後は場所を変えて文化財サポーター講座。今日は古い建造物の構造と修復についてoffice 萬瑠夢の 村田信夫先生が沢山の写真を見せながら解説して下さり充実した時間を過ごすことができました。Taga Town Cultural Property Center has been organizing a course on ancient documents and a supporter training course on cultural property once a month since last September and I have been participating in both of them. Today was the last day of courses for this fiscal year. In the morning the ancient documents course was held at Konomiya-jinjya (shrine). It was a clear sky and white plum blossoms had fully opened beautifully. This sight was the perfect background for learning about ancient documents. Although it was too difficult for me to read the documents, the content of the documents about Konomiya shrine was very interesting. On the way back to home, I saw an old steam locomotive which had been left abandoned at the former SL park and there was a new motorbike just beside it. I was interested in the contrast between the old steam locomotive and the new motorbike. In the afternoon, the supporter training course on cultural property was held at the Cultural Property Center. Mr. Nobuo Murata of Office Marumu explained the structure of old Japanese buildings and how they are restored showing many photo pictures on powerpoint. I learned a lot and it was a very enriching time for me.