Saturday, March 23, 2019


日本では桜の開花も聞かれる頃だというのに、ボストンでは今朝雪景色となりました。 日陰には前の雪が残っていて、私がいた滋賀に比べるとこちらは寒さがまだ続いています。 所変われば気候も変わる。当たり前ですが、住む人も暮らし方も違います。 半年振りのボストン。それほど長くない滞在ですが、何かおもしろいものが見つかるかな と思っています。 In Japan it's the time to hear news of flowering of Sakura (cherry blossoms), but here in Boston we had snow this morning. As there are some previous snow left in shaded areas, it is still cold compared to Shiga where I was until a couple days ago. Different places have different climates. Everyone knows that the people and the way of living are different depending on the place. It's been six months since I last came to Boston. This time, I will not be here as long, but I will try to find some "interesting things or facts".