Tuesday, August 7, 2018


7月下旬に東京で絵の展示会を見てきたので、遅くなりましたが その報告をします。私の親しくしている友人のご主人、佐藤清勝さんと 佐藤さんの古くからの絵の仲間であり、ご夫婦の友人でもある女優の左時枝 さん、お二人の絵画展が青山の画廊で1週間ほどありました。どちらも過去に 創展で文部科学大臣賞など数々の素晴らしい賞を受けていらっしゃるる素晴ら しい画家です。今回、「花」がテーマでしたが、それぞれの画風はまったく異なり、お二人の内面が開花しているようでした。私には遠い世界ですが絵筆で表現する喜びを持つ人は素晴らしいと思います。At the end of last month I went to Tokyo and visited a painting exhibition. It is a bit late but I would like to report about it. It was held by two painters and one of them is Mr. Kiyokatsu Sato who is my friend's husband and the other one is Ms. Tokie Hidari who is an actress and an old friend of Mr and Mrs. Sato. The exhibition was for a week at Aoyama in Tokyo. Both painters had received many prestigious awards in the past at So-ten (name of art organization) such as the Ministry of Education Award for Fine Arts. This year the theme was "Flowers" and they express their inner world in their different ways. It is very far from my ability but I admire those people who experience joy through expressing themselves with their paintbrush.