Thursday, August 9, 2018


お盆が近いので、正信偈(しょうしんげ)の軸を掛けました。床の間の花とむくげは友人のH.Nさんからです。掛け軸は 佐久間蒼穹(そうきゅう)書とあります。表装もきれいなので恐らく父が購入したものだと思います。正しくは「正信念仏偈」と言うそうで、親鸞聖人の主著「教行信証」の中に含まれている、七字で一行の句120行からなる詩文で、浄土真宗の教えと七高僧の思想とが述べられているとのこと。仏壇の前に家長、その後ろに家族が座り、家長の先導で皆が読誦(どくしょう)するのがかつての家庭の風景でしたが、時代とともにこんな習慣は消えてしまったようです。風に揺れてチリーンと鳴る風鈴をぼんやり眺めながら、抗えない時代の流れを感じます。 Since Obon is coming soon, I picked a hanging scroll with a Buddhism poem. The flowers are from my friend, Ms.H.N. Obon is a time when Buddhists remember people in their family who have died. This calligraphy is written by Sakuma Sookyuu. The mounting is clean so it was probably bought by my father. This poem is called "Shosinge which is very popular in Jodo Shinshu (one of the sect of Buddhism) which Shinran (founder of Jodo Shinshu) wrote to teach Buddhism. It consists of 120 lines (7 letters in each line). The head of the family used to sit in front of a Buddhist altar and other family members would sit behind him and read this poem aloud together, following the head. This custom, however, seems to have disappeared over time. Looking at a wind chime which is making a soft sound with the wind, I think about how we are unable to resist the passage of time.