Friday, July 21, 2017

7月21日(土曜日) 2017

滋賀県も梅雨が明けましたが、お天気は雨が降ったり、曇っていたり、はっきりしません。ムシムシ(蒸し蒸し)した毎日。この気候はムシ(虫) たちには最高なのでしょう。蟻、蜘蛛、それに恐怖のゴキブリが私の前につぎつぎに姿を見せます。一昨日は風呂場に今まで見たこともないような大蜘蛛が私に挑戦するかのように待っていました。ドキドキしながら侵入者には外に出てもらいましたが、未知との遭遇はまだまだあるのでしょうか。According to the weather report, the rainy season is over now. However it has still been raining and cloudy. This hot and humid climate might be best for insects. Ants, spiders and the most unwelcome cockroaches show up in front of me. The day before yesterday, a huge spider which I have never seen before was waiting for me in the bathroom. It seemed like he was challenging me. I was scared but needed to have him go outside. Should I expect to face more challenging situations?