Monday, April 29, 2024


We worried about the bad weather at the Taga Taisha Spring Festival, but the weather wasn't bad and it was held beautifully.

When we heard the drum, it meant the procession was approaching. Members of the procession wearing traditional costumes were passing by riding a horse or walking. The sound of horse hooves was nice to hear and the procession was solemn but gorgeous.

Since I heard that about 40 horses were gathered for this festival, I asked the person who was pulling the horse where the horses came from when they stopped in front of me. He said they came from Tochigi which is about 370miles away from Shiga. I thought that they must be tired from this long trip.

I had a couple in my cafe who were in their 70s from Hokkaido without knowing it was the festival day. I was glad to have them to show our historical Taga shrine festival.