Friday, April 26, 2024




    I have been suffering from the hives in my face. At first I thought that was because I ate something wrong and I didn't pay much attention to it. However it spread out although it was only in my face. I started to find the cause. I checked my basic cosmetics and shampoo, dried my bedding, and washed the sheets. I have no allergy to pollen these years.While I couldn't find any cause, the hives didn't disappear at all, so I decided to go to a dermatology clinic.

    There were several things that surprised me at the clinic. One of them was the number of patients in the waiting room. In the examination room, the doctor asked me about my symptoms so I talked about it to him. Then he repeated my words to his microphone to type on the display of his computer. I was surprised at the way he acted which I didn't like very much. After getting his prescription, I went to a pharmacy nearby. There I needed to write my symptoms to get the medicine, then I wrote the word in Katakana "シッシン” instead of in Kanji (Chinese character). Looking at these letters which look very similar, I felt funny about it.

    Well, I took that medicine at home and I am much better now. I visited the hospital last year because I had a problem with my hip joint, and I went to see a dermatology doctor this year. It might be a coincidence but both happened in the same season. Visiting a doctor in this season might be one of my annual events.