Thursday, April 4, 2024





    April 1st was a clear fine day. After visiting Taga Taisha after a long time, I went to see Usuzumi-zakura at the back of shrine and side of shrine's rice field. It is a kind of cherry blossom but colored a little lighter than regular one. Mr. N, honorary shinto chief priest, let me know that it is a good time to view Usuzumi-zakura.

    There are three cherry trees beside the shrine's rice field. Mr. N told me the story about why they planted it but I regret that I forgot it unfortunately. Mr. N said that it changes the color from pink to off pink when it fully opens. It looked like an ink painting and was so beautiful. When I was in Boston, people loved to go to the cemetery to see cherry blossoms. However the type of the cherry tree was different from Usuzumi-zakra. The cherry tree in Boston had double blossoms and a much darker color.

    I saw dandelions and the field horsetails on the side of the road. One of the cafe's customers let me know that two cabbage butterflies were flying in my garden. I feel that the bright spring has come finally.